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Created by Michelle with Homemade Scents on Etsy

PrimThis Marketplace for Primitives Sign UPs Open Now

Looking for a NEW PLACE to sell your primitive goods without having to shell our a ton a money>
What a host that knows what they are doing and will give you 150% of their time to make sure the Marketplace is kept up as well as grow your business by doing their part to advertise both online and also off line as well?

 I invite you to visit http://www.primthis.com and sign up for membership info. UNBELIEVABLE NO FEES to JOIN the only FEES you pay are when you sell and the fees are really low, The site is nice looking and run by a host who has been in business for a long time. She takes great care of her clients and already has PRIMTHIS in print ads as well as online advertising, Come by and check it out

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Celebration begins on Monday August 31 and runs thru Sunday September 13. Look for Celebration creations by searching on Etsy using the tags FFFOFG!

Help Greek Handmade Artists on Etsy

As many of you know Greece is going through a horrible time with their banks at the moment. All of their banks are withholding their money and folks are not allowed to withdraw money for bills or food. As a fellow artist on Etsy I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention and a way that folks can assist the artists in Greece should you choose too.

If you log into http://www.etsy.com and go to https://www.etsy.com/localsearch?ref=fp_nav_local when you are there it will ask you
Where Do You Want To Shop? Greece
What are you looking for? If you are looking for something special you can add it there. If not just leave it blank and it will pull up everything in Greece.

When you purchase something from them please be sure to go slow and make sure you are paying to their PAYPAL account, remember you can still use your credit card while using a paypal account. If it goes to their bank they will not see the funds at all. VERY Important it go to their paypal account because for some reason ETSY marks credit cards instead of PayPal first so go slow when checking out.

 Share on social media  from the shop you shopped or this blog post or just the campaign, by using
 the hashtags Following #etsy #buyfromgreekshops #compradaigreci

Share the page of curated Greek handmade goods curated by EGST

Share EIT selection of Greek Handmade goods on Etsy
Just remember every little bit helps for our Greek friends and neighbors and to use PAYPAL please.

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