It's that time of the year again when the holiday lights turn on and Christmas music  is playing everywhere. In my cottage home Elves have come alive and are playing all round. Thanks to Nutt with "I'm Seeing Raggedies" pattern my sewing machine has not stopped since the first of November. 
My Bug got the first Elf I created and others soon followed like this Custom Ordered Nurse,
And this Hippy Elf

Maybe you would just like to Custom your own colors to match your grandchild;s favorite things.
Now is the time to order your ELF... Come by the EzCraftShow and custom order yours today. Show ends Dec 8 So HURRY BY.
OR EMAIL me and let's talk Elves.

Fall Fling EzCraftShow going on right now ONLINE!

I love online craft shows!! NOW is the time to grab a glass of tea or mug of hot chocolate and snuggle up next to your computer and shoppe for Fall and Winter at the Fall Fling EzCraft Show.  I love shopping at this time of the year, it really helps my holiday season to be more relaxed if i have shopped ahead.

From Shweet Fall all the way to

To  Christmas, You will not be disappointed!
Free Shipping in the USA if you purchase from my booth 
Every Order will receive a FREE Buckshot Santa Ornament.

Working on Fall

Super excited to have nice cool weather right now in Texas. Of course it won't last long but it does get me all excited for my 2 favorite seasons,,.Fall and Winter.

Thought I would share a few of my new creations that I will be adding to Etsy, EzcraftShow (Oct 8) as well as Lemon Poppy Seeds shoppes.

And of course with Thanksgiving being around the corner, we had to make a special surprise!!
Til tomorrow wish is treallyu toay,

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