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OH I am so excited I am finally doing one of the things on MY BUCKET LIST. NO I don't intend to kick the bucket for many years but I did write a list up and one of the many things on the list is to write up my dolls into patterns.
We have some of our patterns and are adding to them every couple days at the following places.
Our website Of course both paper and PDF you pay and download no waiting
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At a new e-pattern shoppe called Epatternshoppes
Image Hosting by you can find us under AC2-patterns
Great Pricing for you to join up if you sell e-patterns or PDF things...everything is downloadable instant at your finger tips!

Now another pattern shoppe where I have my patterns and others do also is THE Pattern Cupboard. This shoppe is run by 2 of my online freinds and is simple to use if you are a buyer of patterns and super easy to set up if you sell patterns.
Come over and check out ALL the patterns and recipes at
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Just added our newest Pattern Shweet Raggedy Wednesday last night to all our shoppes
and will be adding Shweet Gothic Raggedy later today (fingers crossed).
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So come over and get your "pattern -fix".

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