New Shweet Pattern an Ornie this time

WOW i have a new appreciation for Pattern makers! I can sit down and draw and sew a creation but it sure takes time to sit at the computer and write it all up so folks can understand it!

I bow to you all and have set aside 2 days a week to work on converting the Shweet Dolls into patterns.

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I did manage to write up a new pattern today based of course on Carm's Shweet Potato Design Graphics. The finished ornies are sold as a set of 4 and are new listings at my

The e-pattern is in my Always Crafty 2 shoppe as well as a couple Pattern shoppes, Epattern Shoppes and The Pattern Cupboard. If you sell e-patterns and patterns you really need to check out both pattern shoppes!

Well off to work on a couple Autism Bunnies and some Christmas in July Shweet creations BUT first a Shweet Chef in Autism garb for Autism Speaks.

Whether you have direct contact with autism, Asperger's Syndrome or any of the other many differences associated with autism Each and every one of us IS effected by Autism. So many of our beautiful children and adults are affected and it is time that each one of us does what we can to work towards awareness, acceptance of our Autism Angels and research for cures. In my family we have a difference DYSLEXIA. Both Autism and Dyslexia are disabilites that need more research and awareness!
I give thanks each day to Scottish Rite Hospital Luke Waits School for teaching my girls to read in the way they can and be successful. I also give thanks to special teachers and aids like my Best Friend Ceclia who work hand in hand with our Austic Angels each and every day.

I found a wonderful dad on eBay who has an amazing daughter Sarah. If you are looking for buttons, magnets, keychains or bumper stickers you need to check out Richard's website!
He is one giving Dad! Dedicated to Raising Autism Awareness

"Turning Disabilities into Possibilities, Because it makes a difference"

I thank the Lord everyday for my disablities because he gave me my artistic abilities to fill the void of my hearing loss, body pain and dyslexia!

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