Shweet Potato Candy Andy Door Hanger

It is so hot here in Dallas but the perfect time to make some cool and Shweet Holiday goodies. Today I whipped up this 22 inch ©Shweet Potato Candy Andy Door Hanger. Working on the pattern right now and maybe a smaller version for the tree.

This doll is based on one of Carm's graphics at Shweet Potato Designs. Her graphic is so cute and it even blinks. Click on her shoppe name to see the real deal.

The finished Candy Andy will be on eBay July 1-4 for AB4B's Christmas in July Launch!

Well We hope all the Father's have a great day tomorrow and that reminds me I better finnish Shweet Hunter Joe and Jill.........


  1. Hey gurl! Love your new dolls! Sooo cute!!! :)
    Keep up the great work! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have been working so much!

  2. Hey, is this little guy going to be pattern? He's adorable!


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