Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann

This week we are celebrating the Birthday of our favorite doll Raggedy Ann. I don't think there is any girl, teen or woman out there that did NOT have at least one Raggedy Ann in their memory. The very first memory I have as a child is around a Raggedy Ann Doll. My family was poor. My dad worked but my mom was stay home mom. By the time I was 4 there were 4 of us little ones running around. My sister Elsie and I both had to have our toncils and adenoids out at the same time and this was before insurance. So my parents were paying for this out of pocket along with the living expenses for 6 folks...later we grew to 10! Anyways before the surgery we went to the toy store and my parents told us to tell them what we wanted. I think my sister asked for one of those little things that is a slate with magnet dots inside and you drew around holding the magnet pencil...I of course asked for a Raggedy Ann doll. I think my sister's cost maybe 15cents mine on the other hand was more like $5.00 which was a lot back then. I did not expect her but when I woke up there she was ready for me to love thru the pain.

Amazing how much Raggedy Ann has helped me with pain. As I grew older I lost my hearing except for noices and most of those are in my head. NO folks I do not hear voices unless it is the Annie's voice telling me how to dress her. I also developed a large number of audio immune diseases which have left me unable to work. Going on my 8th yr straight of a migrane and add to that RA and fibromyligia pain has become second nature to me. Back in 2003 I joined an online community Prim Mart and the ladies there encouraged me to sew through my pain. I decided hand sewing was to hard so I "stole" my daughters sewing machine and taught myself to sew. My first doll was a simple Annie doll called Sleepy Time Sue by Kristal at Rags-N-Tags. She was my first but certainly not my last. Many years later I now create (with permission from Carm of Shweet Potato Designs)my very own line of dolls and patterns called Shweet Potato Dolls. Knowing each day that I have my family and my sewing to look forward too helps so much with the pain. So on my good days I work on my Shweet Potato Dolls which are Carm's Raggedy Anns brought to life.

Come over to my dear friend Awtemnymf's Raggedy Ann Birthday BLOG and read not only hers but all her Raggedy Friend's Blogs and how Annie has touched their lives. The party last all week so come on over and join in on the birthday fun! Make sure you read the Blog so you know how to get in on the Birthday Presents being given away!

To see more of my Raggedy Dolls N Patterns check out my website Always Crafty 2.

And here are a couple Marketplaces I am in where you can also find lots of Raggedies in all shapes and styles.... Lemon Poppy Seeds and Country Fried Primitives.

You can also check out our Shweet Potato Dolls Picturetrail to see more of how Raggedy Ann has inspired and helped me through this time in my life.

So Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann and thanks so much for all the love you have and will give me through my life!


  1. Happy Birthday to Raggedy Ann! What a cutie!

    Irma :)

  2. I love your courage and your love of life...thank goodness you had Raggedy Ann there to help you through the dark times....there is nothing wrong with Annie talking to you....love your story and pray you are doing well!

  3. I've always admired your Annies when I see them, and now my admiration is complete now that I've learned about you! Your Annie with the rabbit is a favourite of mine!
    Mary Jo

  4. Oh thank you all. Annie is what keeps me up and moving although slowly every single day. Now that my oldest has her drivers license and works 2 jobs plus goes to hair school I have more time to just commune with Annie.


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