New Shweet Doll for ya to see

Today is October first and that means it is time for Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B to hold our monthly themed launch. Things we are Thankful for is our theme for October on eBay so I think this Shweet Annie fits the bill. Yes she is nestled inside her own pumpkin but she can come out to play and you can use the pumpkin to hold silk flowers, wrapped candy....just about anything you desire.
You can find her on eBay right now

If you like Mummy's Make sure to check out our Shweet Raggedy Mummy on eBay right now too.

Shweet Candy Corn Annie was adopted by a wonderful Art Teacher at WT White High School but we can make some Candy Corn Sisters if anyone would like one. Just pop over to my Booth at the Country Craft Show Online and place your order. Remember each doll is an original and handmade so no two are ever the same.
 While you are there check out the games and prizes! If you would like to get your own booth you can get in on the facebook special for 25 item booth for $20.00 just use FACEBOOK as your discount code.
You can find out about all the good things that come with having a booth at the show HERE

Time for this Shweet Momma to finish her eBay listings and head over to make a couple Shweet Dolls. See ya tomorrow with more shweetness

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