Look at all the Snowmen!! Snow Here and There

Here in Texas we are really PROUD of our LoNgHoRnS...don't want to jinx them so won't say why but if you follow College FoOtBaLl you know what I am talking about.... Now I am walking in a circle three times, while saying 2 Hail Mary's and throwing salt over my left shoulder.
OH there Check out our Newest SnowDude... These are all made from a Patti's Ratties Pattern that I adjusted to make them all unique.
Meet Colt (If you follow the Longhorns you understand the name). Colt went to live with Mitchell and Betsy!

Up for adoption is our New Wave Snowman SPARKLES.
He is all decked out in Neon Greens and Pinks!
He is the Cyber Monday Special

We have to have a traditional Snowman for those who like all things "normal"
He told me that we have to call him Frosty so Frosty it is.
Frosty is up for adoption here on our blog.

Brown and Pink seem to be the new color combo this year and of course we had to create a
Shabby Chic Snowman
This little Guy will be listed soon on eBay so look for him there under
eBay ID shweetpotatodollsnpatterns and we will come and add the link in here
when he gets moved to his new home.

All the Snowmen are Door Dolls but you can hang them inside too!

We'll keep you updated on the fun Snowmen that are coming out of Mom's sewing machine.
We want to give special thanks this holiday season for our our friends online. Thanks for your prayers and emails to mom and us. Many of you know that Mom had a small stroke that has effect her left eye and left side as well as some of her memory. She is still sewing and creating Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns. The only problem is she has forgotten where she put 3 of her new Shweet Potato Holiday Patterns.
When she finds them we will be sure to post them in here :)

Now if we can ask a special favor from each of you.
Our uncle who lived with Keelee and me when we were little is stationed in Iraq.
There are many of our men and women in Iraq and elesewhere who have no one sending them notes or care packages. We started a blog where we are posting info about our big brother Jamie (we call him Jeremy) and we just heard about one of Mom's friends on the SafeTeam has a son who needs our help too.
ANYWAYS besides those extra prayers to keep all our men and women in the service safe could you come by our blog and follow us. Please read up on Jamie and the others you can help there. We will be adding Mom's friend's info on how you can help some soldiers have Fritto Pie for Christmas in
 Kandahar Afghanistan as soon as we get all the contact info.
So please come by our blog at Shweet Letters From Home
and follow us.

Hope to see you come by OUR BLOG Sassy Soaps N Such to see what we have to offer for Cyber Monday and also some really cool gift bags you can get from us.

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