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Many of you know that I have a hearing ear baby named Chico. He is not only my ears but one of my best friends. He is really Kassy's Sweet 16 present but loves his grandma (me) best! Chico brings me lucky and love and he is also one of the reasons our Cowboys are winning in December. No joke. Chico got his new cowboy colored sweater and BAM they started winning! Beat those Saints they did!
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I have no idea how my shweet husband managed to get me a christmas gift as wonderful as he did but from somewhere or some how he saved up and got me the perfect christmas gift.
Many of you know I have constant pain and weakness so sewing has been my lifesaver but there are some things even sewing can't help with. Last spring break I broke down and went to the gun range with Marty and fell in love with shooting. For Christmas my wonderful hubby who puts up with so much from me, gave me a SIG SAUER® Mosquito® (gun that is). Now to some of you that is as my youngest daughter put it "hillbilly" but to me it is the best gift! Well seeing Jeremy would be the best gift but next to that my 22 is the best.
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Since the Cowboys played at 7:15pm we went to the range yesterday and took my bad boy out for a ride. We took my cousin and his daughter with us and had a blast! Pun intended!
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We came home from the Range and watched the Cowboys blast away at the Redskins while I worked on a new Shweet Hunting Dog. What a perfect Sunday!
Let's keep this winning streak going into Jan for both the Cowboys and of course the Longhorns too!
If you want your own Cowboy Hound Dog or maybe you would perfer a Longhorn Hound Dog or Sooner Dog... Come by the website and get your order in!
Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns Look under Critters.

So from my Hillbilly family to yours! Here's too a wonderful, successful and safe 2010~

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