The Babies Love our New Home

I got up this morning, checked my emails and made breakfast and lunch for Kassy and noticed little tippy toe feeling all over the Tree House. HUMMMMMM wonder what that is? (See i can't hear but i can feel when things are a miss). Chico and I went for our morning walk and low and behold we found some of our Shweet Potato Babies hanging around the front of the apartment complex. Chico told me they like it here so they just wanted to hang out and let other folks know how live in the Dallas area where we live now.

Chico reminded me to tell you all about the AB4B Blog
Come by and comment on which of the creations listed best fits the theme "Spring Has Sprung". The creation with the most comments will win an ePattern and one of the folks who posted a comment will win some Shweet Peeps from his mom.


  1. WHAT!!! SPRING HAS DEFINITELY SPRUNG! and not a moment tooooo soooon! I was just getting tired of the snow (like snow, but not too much) lol. Those creations are gorgeous!!! I'm gonna hop on over to the other blog and comment on them! Have a great spring! It is beautiful here today in Philadelphia, PA!!!!

    big sunny hugz

  2. They look so good sitting out there in the green!!!!
    great pic sweetie!


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