Check out my Babies!!!!!

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First off let me say i am very proud of both my girls.Keelee is a successful house mom and Kassy is going to Paul Mitchell Hair School. If you are in the Dallas are give her a call and she can do your hair...cut, shape, colors, shines you name it she just about does it. Her number is 214-802-3503. She not only does hair she models hair...... Look how beautiful she is.
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I am very proud to say that one of my extreme prim dolls is in the Cloth Doll Artistry or CDA Prim Doll Challenge. If you are a member of CDA head over to the ning site and cast your vote.

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Betsy would love your vote she is number 21
...oh her mamma's age ...NOT!

I'm proud of all my babies and tomorrow you will get to meet Shweet Christmas Bear. I'll be back

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  1. OMG! She is so beautiful!!!!!
    ... just like her Mamma!
    love you~
    off to cast my vote :)


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