Finally I am creating babies again---Shweet Potato Dolls That is...

Well life in Shweet Potato Land has been trying but I am excited to say things are looking bright and cheery. My health is slowly getting better, although sewing like i used to is way in the future. I am very busy planing Keelee and Jesse's wedding in June and the arrival of their first child sometime in Sept. Kassy is a full fledged hair dresser/ makeup artist now and is a busy busy girl.

The past few months I have not been sitting on my hands...i have created 25 small bodies and 9 regular size dolls as well as working on 100 Shweet Special Annies for The Little Black Boxes in June.
Now dressing these nekkkkkked babies is another story. This week I finished my first doll of 2011....
She was created as a challenge in Cloth Doll Artistry and she is listed in my  Country Fried Primitives shoppe and ready to be adopted.
Gotta take her outside to the flower garden below the Tree House and take pictures this weekend....Maybe her Friend Shweet Chic Bunny will be all dressed so she can go out to play too.

Thanks to everyone who has hung in here with me and I am promising you, that I will be here visiting with you more and keeping you updated on on Keelee and baby.
Hugs from the Shweet Tree House


  1. ★ She's a darling - "doll"(!!) haha!
    In all the prettiest sense of the word! Reminds me of my sweet "Anne" doll when I was 5.

    ∵☆* LOVE ゚★*
    ~ The Lady Prism
    ( dropped by here from FB)

  2. Oh Sandi you are really going to town with your dolls. She is a cutie. Thanks for stopping in my friend I miss you too!!!

  3. Thanks so much ya'll. I did dress a bunny today and made my new Etsy Shoppe...well I need to add dolls but I have it set up.
    Liz waiting for biposy reports is killing me so sewing to take my mind off of them. Also Keelee is getting married in June and having my first grandbaby in Sept. Momma is excited.
    I miss you all


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