What does Father's Day mean to you? To me it means..........

I came into the living room with the expectation of posting a wonderful picture of my darling husband, on facebook, who is not only a great dad to his girls but also their friends and boyfriends. As i flipped thru pictures on the laptop and then headed to my picturetrail i realized I need to showcase not just one but 3 amaizing men in my life.

The 1st picture is fuzzy but one i love so much since it is one taken at the last Christmas we had with my daddy. Funny how time forgives horrible hair mistakes cause there I am with my "fro". Daddy was so proud of his belt buclkle i think it was the shape of Texas, his adopted home. Jeremy was a wee little one in the picture who now is a father of 3 himself and serving the USA in the Army.

I need to honor my Father in Law who became my dad. Frank never met anyone who he did not like and did not like him. Even when Marty and I were not married, but we had Keelee, Frank welcomed me into the family as his daiughter and told me to call him Dad. July 1 we will celebrate his passing into heaven. He now watches after me and lets me know he is around my flickering the lights and moving things around. Boy I miss him so much. Funny how both my dad and marty's dad spend about the same number of yrs with me...now I am at a lost for a daddy. This pictures is one of my very favorite pictures of him with my hubby and his brother. Can't get more Texan that this.

The last picture will be of my loving and wonderful husband. He truely had a wonderful example to follow in his dad Frank. Marty is not only a good, kind and firm father for Keelee and Kassy, he has always taken their friends under his wings and guided them in the right path. If there was someone headed the wrong way, he would gently guide them back to the right path. He helped boyfriends learn to be good husbands. He allowed a boyfriend to stay with us so that he would be sure to get to school and graduate. Marty not only encourages his daughters to be good and upstanding young women and Keelee now a wife and mother. He also takes wonderful care of me as I go through life with chronic pain and illness. He did not agree to take that on when he married me but has so willingly become the caregiver for me as well as taking the role of Daddy or Father to the girls and their friends.

So today take time to thank those special men in your life and if they have passed on remember they can still hear you , watch and know what you are doing so make sure to blow a kiss and thank then for teaching you how to be a better mom, dad, sister, brother, person.

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