Primitive Gothic Raggedy Zombie...Looking to be Adopted

Shweet Gothic Zombie is all dressed up and looking for a new home. She is listed on eBay right now  and would love to be in her new home in time for Thanksgiving. My new grandbaby has installed a new desire to create and my RA and Neurologist doctors and both been working overtime to lower the pain meds and also at the same time lower my pain (funny how new doctors can make that happen). It's been a wonderful amazing couple of months and with 3 new dolls in the planning stages and 8 nekked doll bodies staring me in the face, I can safely say Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns will be adding more creations to eBay and Etsy in the coming weeks. So please follow us on facebook (under Sandi Keeton Ramirez and Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns) and also here on our Blog of course.

New Ornies to be addeed to our Country Fried Primitive Shop later this weekend so stay tune for the announcement.......

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