Shweet Touches of the Holidays

Okay so my kids say I'm "Touched" in the head. I could take it that the girls think,that mom is a little bit daffy or crazy this time of the year or I'll just take it that they know I have the Christmas Spirit. My Christmas Spirit begins long before the holiday season begins you know because I love everything about Halloween through the Winter Season. So this creative Momma, works all year long on the holidays and I tend to mix them up a little. I think that is why my girls think that I am "Touched".

We live in a small apartment but even when we lived in a large house, I always kept out all my dolls all year long. They just dressed up for the season. My Halloween dolls got to hold wreaths and my Angels well they might be going trick-r treating. The picture above was taken tonight. It is my little prim tree that sits atop our converted "gun cabinet". Funny story , it holds our sports items that are very dear to my husband and I & when we found the gun cabinet at a yard sale we had NO thoughts  we would EVER need use of it for guns or rifes. HA HA we are proud owners and registered gun owners now but ours are LOCKED UP TIGHT.
Anyways As you can see we mix all seasons in our tree as around it. So I might be "Touched"  or as my daughter's fella says I am a very  Touching Gal to be around.

He just says that because i asked him to help me with a "sneak attack" in the apartments we leave in. There are some really cute little girls who I know love to play tea out on the steps on the weekend, So I am making up a set of Shweet Dolls and next weekend we are going to leave them outside for them to find when they come out for their weekend tea party. Now I just need to come up with a safe toy to make for one of the girl's brother who has Down's. He lives below me and is he sweetest little angel in this world.
Leave your Shweet Touch were ever you go. It can be a simple as a smile, Merry Christmas, opening a door. Make someone's day and it will make your day special too by your one touch.

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