Doll Name Giveaway! I Need Your Help! You Could Get A Shweet Doll!

This past month has been a strange one in the Tree House. I got a bad eye infection and as soon as that healed I messed up my back and discovered I had a kidney stone. The sad thing was I did not get to see my little Zoe Bug for almost 2 weeks while my back healed. Hard for her to come over and Nanna not be able to pick her up. A 9 month old really doesn't understand that at all. So, while she was away I decided it was time to design a few dolls. Of course I had to wait until the back was better to sew them up but I did design about 8 new dolls. Zoe saw 2 of them the moment she came over last weekend and one went home with her. They are my version of a Dammit Doll but since Zoe loves them so much I guess I better come up with a new name for the Child Friendly Pattern I know is coming.

That is where all of YOU come in!
Since Zoe Bug loves the red ticking Doll the best Nanna is making another one for our 
Doll Name Giveaway. 
(You can choose to have this doll prim'd up if you would like. Just let me know your choice if you are the Lucky Winner.)
This is how it will work.
The contest starts today June 20 and will end at Midnight July 4.
1.We need a good *Child Friendly* name for this  style of doll. So each name you post here under the comments will get 1 entry for our Giveaway. You may enter as many names as you can think of as long as they are Child Friendly. (This was created as a Dammit Doll but can't use that name with kids you know.)
2. Be a follower here on my Blog...old or new just let me know under the Comments.
3. Post a note on your Blog about our giveaway for another entry. Have more than one blog? Just post the link to your blog(s) in the comments and you get an entry for each blog you post about us.
4. Come Like Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns on Facebook for another entry.
5. Come by Shweet Potato Dolls on Etsy and add us to your FAVORITES for another entry.
6. Pop over to Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns our website and sign up for our mailing list. You will get another entry and best yet no spamm!
~~So lots of ways to get your name into the Giveaway Pot. Make sure to let me know here under the comments what all you have done so your name will get into the contest lots of times. ~~
The Winner's name will be posted in a Special Blog July 6.

This contest is OPEN TO EVERYONE! Yep I will send this baby anywhere in the world if your name is picked.
Looking forward to seeing all the names for this extra special style of Doll.

Til Tomorrow~
Shweet Sandi


  1. Lineder

    line and red spelled backward

  2. Friendly Franny and/or Friendly Freddy.

  3. "I Dunno"
    (Who ate the last cookie?; Who spilled the milk?; Who broke the toy?......"I Dunno"!)

  4. Why not Bugsy Baby, like your Zoe Bug?

  5. Hi Sandi,
    New follower!
    I had the hardest time naming my kids...but my idea was "Zany Zoe" or "Baby Bug".
    Posted on the OFG side bar and my blog!
    Thanks for the fun!

  6. Shweet Shucks
    Like oh shucks! ...does that make sense?

  7. thanks this is fun and I am making up 2 dolls both in different fabrics than shown so the winner can choose. posting a picture tomorrow. (I ran out of ticking...or at least that I can find in the Tree House.)


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