Yes I AM A Tattle Tale!

Today is Tattle Tale Day for the OFG Team on Etsy. I want to tattle on two new shoppes I found from our long member's list.

First I want to tattle on RaggedyJan's Etsy shoppe. What caught my eye at first glance were her Hand Painted Turkey Feathers! Yep look at one of these AMAZING beauties.
While Raggedy Jan has been a professional artist and crafts person for the past 30 years. She has been to art school, but discovered it is what she has learned on her own that gives her paintings that unique one of a kind style.  All items she paints on are refinished and distressed for that warm primitive or early look.

OH I am tattling on PrimitiveHart. I am so in LOVE with this shoppe on Etsy. PrimitiveHart's  family recently moved from sunny San Diego to Minnesota.  You can see the love of the land and country in her work. It was so hard to pick just one so I am showcasing 2 of her creations. Come by PrimitiveHart on Etsy to see many more.

So what do you think about tattle tales now? I know I love a good one!
To see more OFG Team members visit and type in OFG Team in the search box.


  1. Hi Sandi,
    Fabulous shops! Thanks for sharing or is it "tattling"!!
    Enjoy your evening,

  2. Great feature on two wonderful shops!!

  3. Great tattle on two wonderful shops! Both are so very creative.

  4. How fun to tattle on such great shops!

  5. I'm always impressed with Jan's talent at painting on anything and everything. We sure have a load of talented gals on the team that can do just about anything they put their minds to. Thanks for tattling on some of them :)


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