Share and Like Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

Wanted to share with all my friends and family out there this wonderful Holiday Gift Guide put together by a group of artists on Facebook called Share and Like. We are a small group of artists who each post one item a day and we try to promote each others creations. For the Holidays we decided to compile a Mini Gift Guide for YOU and of course as a thank you for coming by and checking out all the gifts we are giving away some prizes.

Come by the Share and Like Gift Guide HERE

Make sure you click on all the pages of the gifts as well as the prize & POLL pages  while you are there.

Look at all the pictures. Name or choose the shops with your 3 favorite items. You can find the shop names by clicking on the images. Fill out the form so that you can get in on the drawing.

I am personally giving away 2 of these handmade ornaments as one of the prizes.
Til tomorrow
Have a great day

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