So much to do so little time

It's that time of the Holiday Season when you wake up and think "So much to do....So little time." I have been working none stop this past week on ornament orders, wreaths for my daughter's first apartment and of course Christmas gifts. This grandma even took time out to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas called.*Zoe Bug* from Thursday thru Saturday. Now it is back to sewing and painting.
Zoe says anytime is always a good time for cupcakes.

Tomorrow my last chicklin' leaves the nest. Kassy gets the keys to her very own apartment and for the first time in 25 years I will be living with my shweetheart all alone. Just us two. WOW!  I know it is going to be hard. Wonder how many nights I will get up and look to see if Kassy is home yet? Check the lock to see if she set both locks only to realize she is not here anymore. Good thing is she is only going 7 minutes down the street so hopefully I will still see her around here.

Well back to work on the last of the ornaments so they can get in the mail in the morning. then It is time to string ornaments for a fun festive wreath...or two.
Remember to take some time to enjoy the lights, smells and just plain fun of this season. I love Christmas time. Would love it to last all year long.
Tonight I light the second candle on our Advent Wreath and say a few prayers for family and friends.
Hanukkah greetings to our Jewish friends out there. May your holidays be bright as well.

Til tomorrow.

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