So Much To Be Thankful For... The Shweet GiveAway

This year has brought about change both good and bad. One thing I know is the good so much out weighs the bad in life. I am so blessed to have my family around me to lend a hand in the bad times and always love me.
My grand daughter has grown so much...Just energy in motion. Both running around, sharing hugs and even talks in sentences her "Ganma" can lip read. 25 months of pure joy and many years to come.

Halloween is in 6 days and Thanksgiving not to long after. Thanksgiving will not be over looked in my  home or business. It is a very important day in my family and not just the day before Black Friday.  (Not that Black Friday is not important, shoot so quite in my Tree House that day, all the neighbors are out shopping.)

I created a pattern about 7 years ago that is a Turkey named Loopy. Loppy was named by my niece and nephew when they came to visit me from NY. They named him after the turkey at their grandma's house who ran around all "loopy".
You can grab this pattern that creates 2 different turkeys from my shoppe on Pattern Mart .

Loopy The Turkey Pattern Country And Primitive Styled Dolls PDF Pattern PM
Loopy The Turkey Pattern Country And Primitive Styled Dolls PDF Pattern PM

This is an original E-Pattern from AC2. One pattern will create both of these 2 style of turkey ...
Price: US$5.00
Click for details
Looking for Loopy all made up and ready to come to your home??
Primitive Loopy
 So as my gift to you I am gifting ONE COPY of my Loopy the Turkey Pattern. To win this pattern so you can create your own Turkeys, Just leave a comment below on your favorite Thanksgiving food.
I will draw one winner on Sunday October 27. Good luck and lets get ready for TURKEY DAY.


  1. Love the turkey pattern! Wish I could sew, but its something I totally have no talent for whatsoever lol. We too have so much to be thankful for! Your grandbaby is a sweetie!

  2. Hi Sandi,
    Love your turkey but as I am useless at sewing I would have to have you make it for me. I did add this to the OFG Team blog side bar and will add it to my own side bar. If you get a chance and want to announce this on the Yahoo page of the OFG Team go for it!
    Fun giveaway!

  3. How cute and cute name!
    My favorite Thanksgiving food? My Granny's stuffing that she taught me to make many years before she passed away. Mine is never as good as hers was though!! : )


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