Lots of Fun Up Cycling This Christmas

My husband loves to hunt and he never leaves the hunting grounds different than when he arrives. That means picking up spent shells and of course saving them for me to play with.  This year I created all kinds of ornaments using shot gun shells...even have a few in the works for Spring and Easter.

One of the most fun things we did was use spent shot gun shells and cover the lights on our tree. Not only is a a great way to re use something vs throwing it away it made our tree look really amazing this year too. It makes on difference if the tree lights are off (left), on or the room is dark except for the tree ...the tree really shines this year.

I am so looking forward to more ways to up cycle our spent shells of all kinds in the coming year.

You can find our shot gun shell ornaments in my website Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns and also in my Etsy Shoppe Shweet Potato Dolls

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