Now Open Shweetie Pie's Graphics by My Muse Carm

So happy to announce to everyone that Carm is back creating fun and exciting graphics for us. Carm is my Muse for my dolls and patterns and was the owner of Shweet Potato Designs. Her new shoppe's name is Shweetie Pie's. You can find her in her new web home Shweetie Pies and also on Etsy .

Pretty Christmas webset in blues, she will add all your text for you!
Perfect time to update your website for the Holiday Season. 
Click HEREto order your set and see her other graphics right now.
If you have any questions about her graphics drop her a line to via email. 

Click HERE TO Grab her email address.....

Last but not least be sure to visit her Facebook Page, Show her some love and you will know when new and exciting things are going on in the Shweetie Pie's World.


  1. Thank you Thank you :D your so sweet :D

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