Want a great way to sell your Etsy on Pinterest? Pin4ETSY

Pin4Etsy's Secret Sauce

Pin4Etsy's network of like minded Etsy store owners, fans, enthusiasts, customers and entrepreneurs joining forces to help each other is what we call"Petsy Power".
Here's how it works:
1) We make it simple to create a "well formed" pin that others in your niche want to re-pin. These pins will improve your stores ranking on Google and Pinterest's search algorithms. 
2) Our network of users re-pin your pin in exchange for having their pins re-pinned. As a network member, you simply pin the pins that YOU want to pin.
Your pin is then pushed to the network until it is re-pinned the number of times equal to the number of pins you re-pinned.
THAT'S IT! The network effect takes over and you're off to the bank!

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