College Dollies and well wishes

OH my yesterday I just sat and had a little cry about the kids that are heading off to COLLEGE! It will be so odd around here without kassy's friends coming by. I guess I am really blessed Kassy is going to school here in Town. She will be attending Cosmetology Career Center, a Paul Mitchell Partner School in Carrollton so not only do I get to keep her close I can go up to the school for her to cut and color my hair too!
Her best friend since kinder is Krystal and because they became so tight Krystal's mom became my best friend too. Krystal is heading off to Texas A&M to become a vet. This little Gig 'em girl was her special surprise when she got accepted into A&M...she will getting some new creations monthly to keep her from getting homesick or maybe that is me missing her. Hey Krystal GIG "em
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We missed another one of the girls as she headed to the airport to go to University of Texas at Austin. So guess her first care package will be on the way the way as soon as I can stop by her parents and get her address at college. Longhorn Annie is waiting to for her new Momma Marlene ..Hook "Em Horns!!!!!!!!
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Now last year this little guy went to Norman (OU) to live with my neice Stacy...Well Boomer is now living in Edmond at OSU cause his mom transfered. Soon he will have a friend Pistol Pete to play with. Can't wait to see a picture of the "boys" fighting OSUvs OU week!
Here is Boomer
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Now I have to get off and create a special Annie for my Cosmetology Kassy...OH and she needs a Kennel tech Annie too since she now works at Petland.

Well that is all for now. Shweet Skully Annie and pattern are due out this week. I just have to get a handle on my Lyricia ADD... this fibromyligia meds don't have any idea how they effect my sewing!

See ya'll soon. OH make sure to check out both Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace and Country Fried Primitives as they both just updated!

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Talk to you all later! Have a Shweet Day!

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