Shweet Doodlins for Autism Awareness

Bless her heart and a HUGE Thanks goes to Carm with Shweet Potato Designs. I asked Carm to design an Autism Annie and Puzzle Piece for me and my eBay group Age*Before*Beauty to use in our Charity Auctions.
Carm has been so gracious to offer both of these graphics for all of YOU to use for FREE!
Remember if you sell anything using Carm's graphics you need to check out her terms of use on her website Shweet Potato Designs.

You can also find them on her blog Shweet Doodles.

Can't wait to show off the dollie i am working on based on her Autism Annie!

Remember AB4B is hosting Autism Awarenss Chairty Auctions on Ebay this month so please come by and check out the listings!

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