Raggedy Loves DA BOYS and the HORNS too

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We all Know Raggedy shows her team spirit whether it is Pro Football or Good old College Ball. THIS Raggedy lives in Dallas so that should tell ya who she roots for...DA BOYS

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Now it's hard for her to decide which of the GREAT Area Teams to root for in the College ranks. UT (University of Texas) is at the TOP of her List but she loves her OSU Cowboys too.

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Can't forget her Aggies too that's where Krystal is.....

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But what happened to OU??? Looks like they are Monkey'n around without hottie Sam Bradford...OH Raggedy!

We'll have to keep our eyes on little Shweet Raggedy Annie she does love her football team and now where did she go??? Out the door to the Texas Rangers Baseball Game.
Well til tomorrow Remember we are still celebrating Raggedy Ann's Birthday! Hop on over to the Birthday Blog and get in on the action ----->>>


  1. Oh my, they are just tooooo cute...My favorite team, Philadelphia Eagles won today! hooray!

  2. Welllllllll.......... I do feel bad for McNabb but I have to say I sure don't care for your backup quaterback... Hope Mr Vick has changed for the better. And of course we are in the same division so I have to LOVE my Cowboys and not Love the others although I have to admit I do follow the Giants becaue of Eli Manning:0
    Shhh don't tell my family :)


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