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Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann! This week we are celebrating Raggedy Ann's Birthday all week long. To see more blogs about this special girl---------> click on the Birthday Annie graphic to the right.

Raggedy Fairies come in all sizes and shapes and are created for ALL Seasons
Pink Annie was born to help raise funds for breast cancer research
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Skin Cancer Annie is raising funds to fight Skin Cancer so folks like by big sister will be cancer free.
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(you can buy the pattern here for these flying fairies)
Now Annie supports Autism Awarenss too and she does all she can to help make school special at Walnut Hill Elementary School from the funds raise from the purchase of their adoptions. Annie Mom is making washable soft pillows for the classroom.
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(this Pattern due out this very weekend)
Raggedy likes her wings too so she can fly with the angels and help with any kind of awarenss causes
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Back to her fairy roots Annie loves peppermints
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And to go Trick r Treating
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But Mainly she loves to jingle with the Gingerbread Faires
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Pattern for all theses gals due out very soon

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  1. I love them all and want one of each! If only, your prim fairy is sooooo cute! Have a lovely day!


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