Shweet Raggedy Andy and his Pet Snail ...shells

Each month Age*Before*Beauty, the wonderful eBay group I help with holds a themed launch. This month our theme was Sea Shells N Snails. We come up with a creation or a few based on this theme. I had fun coming up with an original Doll Set using pieces from nature and just finished listing it on eBay.

I'd love for you to meet ©ShweetRaggedy Andy and his pet snail "Shells".

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Next month our AB4B Monthly launches will be held on both eBay and etsy! You can find the AB4B listings on Etsy now by searching using our street team name ab4bteam under tags. We are open for new members so if you would like to join our etsy street team, ebay team or join us on facebook just comment here and I'll get back to ya.
Or you can email us your info at

Thanks for taking a peek at Andy and Shells and see ya soon!

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