Lots of Baby Hugs and Love this Month

Gotta say I called it...not much creating went on in the Tree House this month but a whole mess of Baby love and hugs did happen. Zoe Bug is still here at Nanna's place and she is just so advanced for a 5 month old (if I say so myself.) She is rolling around all over the place and has started that crawling motion. She loves to sing...been babbling and singing since she can home from the NICU .  We promise you this wee one says Momma already.

For Valentine's Zoe helped her Momma make up bags, the old fashion way via colored pencils and paper for candy for her Pa Paw, Aunt Kassy and her Momma. Guess What..... Zoe Bug decided she wanted the chocolate bars for herself. YES! She IS half by grandbaby SHE IS!

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