Creating One a Week...Every Week..Continues

Yeah! Shweet Success! Keelee is feeling better and she and Zoe and have moved home. A couple days after they moved home I got out my sewing machine and a design I drew up while they were staying with me and got busy sewing. So, I got back into my Creating 1 a Week ...Every Week1.

This is one of my Shweet Smalls. She is an Irish Art Doll and is in my  Etsy shoppe " shweetpotatodolls" .
 She'd love to be adopted in time for St Paddy's Day and her traveling expenses are even covered by me in the USA.  Can't wait to show you tomorrow the doll I made last week. Really back in the groove here.

 Zoe is here this weekend and she has inspired me to work on a series of "children's books". Yes you read that right. Been wanting to do this since the girls were little and so now Keelee hopefully will help me put pen to paper and we'll work together to develop some of the stories we made up together from her childhood. It will so much fun to create them into dolls and books. Having a grand can be very creative and inspiring!

Til tomorrow
~Shweet Sandi

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