Zoe's 1st Trip to the Zoo

Sorry it's been a while but this grandma has been spending time getting healthy, sewing and well being a Nanna! Wanted to share some pictures of Zoe's first trip to the Dallas Zoo last Sunday with ya. It was a blast for all involved and also a *scouting* trip for me because I am working on a new line of patterns that you can make for children or you can prim them up for collectibles. The best of all worlds!

Zoe Bug, her momma Keelee, Grandpa Marty, Aunt  Megan, Uncle Charlie and I (Nanna) spent 5 wonderful hours walking the Zoo and visiting with most of the animals, birds, snakes and critters.  YES! you read that correctly I WALKED FOR FIVE, count them FIVE HOURS! Bless the juice! Here are some of the critters we saw in the Dallas Zoo with our little critter Zoe Bug. The turtle will be an example for a Zurtle (Zoe's Turtle). The gator is an actual albino gator from Louisiana on a loan to the Zoo. Really cool right??
We arrived at the Zoo just in time to see the Birds of Flight show and let me tell ya they really had birds flying everywhere. This is the first time I have ever see or even heard of a BLACK COCKATOO. He or she is BEAUTIFUL! We saw many exotic and domestic birds and Zoe loved watching them as much as we did!
Aunt Megan could not leave the Zoo without riding a Camel so ride one she DID! Tiffany was the name of this beautiful gal. Aunt Megan (my niece) gave his long eye-lashed gal a big hug while riding her and said she does not smell at all!
Going to the Zoo with Zoe Bug and the family is a great way to relax and walk off those extra pounds. If you have a free weekend take some time and visit your local Zoo. The critters are waiting for you... say hi to the animals too. LOL.

Til next time...which won't be so long I PROMISE!
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