Dipping the Toes in the Pool with Zoe Bug

Sunday proved to be another fun family day at the Tree House. We took Zoe Bug for her first swim. She put on her tutu,smile and sunscreen and *people hopped* all over our pool.

She started her time with grandpa then she helped Nanna do her water walking...that little added arm weight of her in my arms I'm sure helps, LOL.

Zoe even got her daddy into the water out here in Carrollton, even though he was on call for his job. He likes to swim too!

Her Momma was the best! She wrapped up her Zoe Bug nice and warm and fed her snacks when she was all finished swimming for the day.

Of course as soon as Zoe made it back to the Tree House she KNOCKED OUT......

Now we know just what her Momma needs to do when Zoe Bug doesn't want to take her nap, GO SWIMMING!

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