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Hi all I would love to invite you to come by and check out what I have been up to lately. Something I am very proud of... Something that has kept me away from here for a little bit but will bring me back to my love of sewing and creating because it will give me more energy and life. I am working on improving my HEALTH and that of my family and also helping my friends too.

I'd like to invite you to visit my Living the Shweet Life Blog .There you will find some of my mutterings about my family's everyday lives, juicing recipes, things to do with the pulp you get and gluten free living.

I began a juice cleanse on March 21 after watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross on Netflix. I have been on my cleanse, juice only juice now for 55 days now and check out the difference below.
This is my beginning picture taken the day I started my Juice Cleanse...259 lbs size 24.
This picture was taken on Mother's Day. 219 lbs size 18. Still on my Juice Cleanse & now walking, swimming & playing on the floor with my grand daughter Zoe.
Would love to see you

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