Life has a way to Always working Out,IF you will just LISTEN.

How many times as a parent did I tell my kids to just listen to what I am saying? I was thinking just the other day how funny  it was that life really does have a way of working itself out if you will just STOP and Listen to what she is saying to you every one and a while. I know I personally was so busy try to figure out why I was sick that I would not figure out HOW to get WELL. Once I finally stopped and listened to the most simple and basic of  life's lessons "Eat of the Earth" I am now beginning to get back to better health and well being.

So I decided it is time to listen to my inter-self more often. Time to be a Nanna too.  This week Zoe Bug came to visit for 3 days. She discovered Elmo and Zoe while she was here and loves to watch it with me while sitting in my bed or playing in her play yard. She is learning to walk too.... trying to anyways when can mean some bumps and boo boos on the way.

 Pa Paw and I went and got Zoe her 1st pair of tennis shoes so she will have a nice sturdy pair of shoes to give her support for walking and running around in. (Really, the main reason was to find a pair she could not pull off her feet. LOL) She is a very picky girl. She picked out the camo shoes, a girl after her Pa Paw's own heart! She loved them so much she started dancing around in them, (as long as we were holding on to her.)
Won't be long now and I'll be chasing her all over the place, so I better get some more of this weight off.

Life has taught me to eat more of her fruits and veggies  and to share them with my family too. Zoe loves fresh raw juices and frozen pops. I'll share some easy to make recipes with you later this weekend or you can pop over to my recipe blog for some I will be adding over there Recipes 4 Shweet Living.

Have a great day

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  1. We would all be better off if we listened to our bodies and take time to enjoy life instead of being in such a hurry all the time, Valerie


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