Creating with A Toddler in the Tree House

This past week has been fun. Keelee and Zoe have been staying with us and it has filled this empty nest;s heart with joy.  The tree house felt so lonely after Kassy moved out (even though it was only 7 minutes down the street), and now it is back full of toys and  boxes of diapers and all kinds of things a 17 month old brings with them,

Creating in a small space when you have a little one around is a large challenge. So far I have yet to figure this one out. I have managed to compete a few of my unfinished dolls and those you will be see this month in several places....Lemon Poppy Seeds, EzCraft Show and  a New venue you will find me each month The Prim Nest.

I have decided to include Zoe Bug in some of my creations. She already loves to draw using her Leap Pad so why not include her in some of my art work as well. I have a few pieces in the works Mixed Media pieces that the Bug is helping me with. She has been helping me get back to my little child side and I love it.
It is so nice to have my Tree House Home full again. To wake up each morning and have to quietly, tip toe out to the kitchen so that I don't wake the sleeping baby in the other room, sit at the keyboard and and say HELLO to my friends in the little black box, while I wait for my family to wake up and get the day started. Once she wakes up it is ON. This child doesn't stop til she takes a 2 hour nap, which time Momma and Grandma rest and then ZIP the Bug is up for more. When she goes down for her night sleep I can come back to my sewing, cleaning or you my friends.

Hope to see you all soon ....If i don't you know where I am, Playing with The Bug and Just being a Grandma.

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